Miles & Coltrane


The basic of 4 beat jazz is the sound of the wood base

Miles Davis, he is said to be the emperor of jazz, but I have not understood well what good of his ad-libs that fewer sounds are good until recently.

At that time many musicians competed for ad lib skills and competed in how easy it is to play fine phrases, Miles played a small number of sounds, did not play familiar phrases others often do, But why was he playing only his unique melody phrase? I could not understand these meanings for a long time.

Well, recently, I was surprised to hear the sound of Miles with a speaker that can reproduce bass attacks cleanly. I found the beautiful world that Miles' trumpet and the sound of the wood bass intertwine with one another and intertwined with one another and wonderfully weave it!

The casual sound coming in at exactly god-timed timing is full of tense feeling tightened with the peen. Huh? Have he done so far! I was surprised. Coltrane who was probably listening on the side would have been under great pressure from the performance of Miles. These can be easily assumed from his performance.

Is it due to some mismatch mind? Then, switching to speakers that plays classic cleanly this time, Oh, sorry, I returned to Miles of usual loose playing.

I think that the sound of the wood base is the basis of jazz performance and it is possible to listen to real jazz by the speakers which can reproduce the wood base sound beautifully.



Miles and Coltrane

A performance that can be heard especially remarkably is played by Miles and Coltrane in 1960.In that recording, both jazz 's big men, Miles and Coltrane are playing but that is too much powerful

Konserthuset Stockholm Import, Live

In this performance recording, Coltrane will start with mimicking Miles' emotion first, but after a while, as if he know that he can not be Miles, playing as if denying Miles It will change.

While talented people compete with each other, it still stands as an art, but even if they try to stand at the top , the two are impossible at the top. They will go until either of them fall down. Such a performance that seems to be such a situation has become a fight for the reality who has already left the frame of art.

Among the two afterwards, one of them pursued himself too much and it went out, and after the other went up to the ultimate 4-beat jazz, he did not do 4 beat jazz again. Perhaps was it traumatic that Miles's own 4 beat solos were denied by this Coltrane performance? The tragic performances as if blood is flowing out as much are recorded on this CD.

Just to be sure, listening to the above utube video on the PC's speaker, that strange, Miles' solo was heard as a simple loose cheap performance. Perhaps, most people who clicked and heard it would have thought so. Just as you are doing now!

I listened with a good speaker again after confirming again, it was good, Miles' solo was shining. Unfortunately we can not understand the goodness of Miles' solo unless we hear it with good speakers to some extent.This may already be a conspiracy theory beyond magic.

Miles Davis is the one who play the ad lib of "the area of God" which is so devastating of Coltrane as you can hear in this CD. It is certain that it will be comparable to Beethoven. However, to understand this, you need speakers that can play clear wood based sound.

I think that the bass is the basis of music performance and we can understand the true music by listening with speakers that can reproduce the sound of the bass clearly.

If you dare say, you will understand the greatness of Coltrane even with speakers that can not reproduce the bass clearly , but in Miles, if you do not listen with speakers that can reproduce the bass clearly, it might be difficult to understand his impressions . Miles is so delicate.

Unfortunately, although this recording certainly should be heard once, but too much impact is too strong and there is a feeling of the last war of the two jazz music gods.



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