Jazz & Clasic


The difference between classical music and jazz music.

Although the difference between the sound of classical music and the sound of jazz is different in music feeling, although it seems that there is not such a big difference in audio and sound quality, in reality there is only one definitely different point.

That is, in the case of classical music, the contrabass and cello in charge of the bass part are played by legato with a bow, so there is a legato sound with less attack feeling, which contains a lot of harmonic overtones more than the fundamental tone Even if low sounds are not played, you can hear the melody as a bass part.

For example, since the theme presentation part of the contrabass played at the beginning of Beethoven 's ninth chorus is full of overtones, even if speakers these are not good at bass reproduction sounds less inconvenient.

On the other hand, in the case of jazz, the wood base or the electric base is played with picking of fingers, so it begins with a powerful attack sound, then decays slowly and spontaneously, compared to playing with a bow.

So, compared with playing with a bow, it is clear bass sound with less harmonic overtones, so it may not be heard at all by speakers that do not reproduce clear bass.

In the first place, in classical music there are few works that carve a rhythm with a sound with a base attack, but in jazz and rock, the bass rhythm with attack, such as bass and kick, is the basis.

In this way, the ability to reproduce bass attack sounds is a very important requirement for jazz, as there is a distinctly different sound difference between classical music and jazz music with respect to the lower frequency band.

In other words, speakers that can reproduce bass clearly and can reproduce jazz beautifully are the ideal speaker images to be sought for me.



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